Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Ivory on Blue

This is my new piece of work, ivory flowers on a mid blue background. My Grandmother had a glass bowl similar to this when I was a girl, she used it on the dining table for celery. It was all very bumpy and lumpy and I used to love to run my fingers over it.

£98 (unframed)

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Anonymous said...

What a lovely and elegant quilled piece! You have a talent for design very few possess.

Ann Martin

Maryann Gerber said...

Hi, Rosie
I was just browsing to see If I could find some more quilling to look at from the NAQG website. And I came acrossed yours and decided to browse more. Your work is amazing and so beautiful. You definetly have talent.

Maryann G

Kathy k said...

Rosie.. what an exsquisite (sp?)piece.. can almost feel the crystal..
amazing.. you rock girl!

Helen said...

Wow, this is amazing!