Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Red and White Christmas card

Not sure I like this one. I was trying to make it similar to the ice blue one I made last year, but this one doesn't seem to be as good. it doesn't seem to sparkle like the other one, it seems dull. Has anyone got any ideas please?
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Monday, October 22, 2007

Modern flowers

These are flowers out of Claire's book, it looks like the paper under the flowers is rumpled from the glue, but in fact it isn't, and it looks all nice and smooth in real life. The frame came from Paperchase and it is a shadowbox frame and looks very modern. I do wish that I had wiped the frame before I scanned it... lol, never mind. Quite like it myself, what do you think?
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Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Christmas stuff

Working on lots of Christmas stuff. These are small 3" gift bags made of very thick mulberry paper. I am afraid the scan didn't do a great deal of justice to these little bags, they look much better in real life.
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Monday, October 08, 2007

Hi Folks, I seemed to have missed September out completely.. Oh well nothing much happened so you haven't missed a great deal.

This is a frame inspired by Claire Sun-ok Choi from her new book 'The Art Of Paper Quilling' I love this book, and would recommend you to buy it, if you are a quiller.

So what happened in September, well like I said before, not much. I bought a new laptop, passsed my first stage certificate in EFT (Emotional Freedom Therapy).
Alex and Nick went to Italy and fell out, well it was daft them going together, they are such completely different people, Nick likes to sunbathe, Alex wants culture. Think they are friends again now though.
Was asked to make an 80th birthday card for a friends mum, got to make an 89th birthday card for my mum this month too.

At the beginning of October I gave a talk to the Scissor club on quilling. Thankfully it seemed to go down well and there was lots of laughter, whcih is how it should be. We made poinsettia flowers and made a gift card, and then some of them had a go at a snowflake. Everybody liked my work for which I was most grateful, some of it is quite old now, but it still looks good.

This weekend I signed up for a craft fair in the village hall, its only two hours in the afternoon of Dec 8th, but it will be nice do and hopefully I might sell a few things.

Today I made 4 small gift bags - well the gift bags were already made I just made the flowers and leaves to stick on them. Will photograph them when they are dry and put them up here later.
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