Thursday, January 24, 2008


That it's been a few days without a post on here. We have been busy arranging some of our furniture that John brought back from Broom on Tuesday. These were mainly book cases and a million books. How come that all these books fitted on these shelves in the Broom house, and now they don't seem to fit at all...? I still have boxes of books and can't seem to find a place to put them.

The other thing that has kept me away is that my mum is not feeling very well. For an 89 yr old she is pretty fit, she works on the theory that she is too busy to be ill. She walks everywhere. Fortunately the nearest shops are just about 200 yds away and the supermarket is about 1/2 a mile, its up a steep hill and now that we are here, we take her in the car, but normally she walks, pulling her shopping trolley behind her.
This week however she has been suffering with varicose exema, heat makes her legs itch and she has problems sleeping when this happens as she can't stand the bedclothes on her legs. However, today she had a real nasty backache and went to bed at 8pm she thinks it is her kidneys, and if she still has it tomorrow, then I will call the Dr and ask her to come and see her.

Craft wise I have been, wandering through my yarn stash, I want to crochet but can't find anything that takes my fancy in the stash and I can't afford to go and buy some more. I also started a quilled figure, or at least I started the box it will stand on.

Good news! I have at last found the cable for my camera, so now I can at least download pictures. Will do that tomorrow - promise!

Hugs Rosie

Thursday, January 17, 2008

Word of the Year

I love this colour combination, I have loved it for years, and now during the past couple of years it has become very popular.
Not much to tell you today, hubster's hand is still bandaged, it's still raining and will most likely be raining again tomorrow and for the rest of the week... Oh joy.

This week has been a complete washout in more ways than one, I feel like we are just wasting time and we have to be out of the house at the end of January.

Have you heard or read about Word of the year, a word that you chose, that means something for you, something like Triumph - meaning that you can triumph over certain things during the year, or Create - an excellent word for all us artistic types.
I think my word is going to be Renaissance - meaning rebirth. So many things have happened to me over the past year, horrible things, some of them brought about by my own ingratitiude and taking things and people for granted.

So I am re-birthing myself having my own renaissance. I will put positive words and ideas on my board like; Gratitude, Joy, Creative and Abundance. For the moment I will just write these words in my diary, and then when I get all my stuff here I will make a very nice board with them all on.

Hugs Rosie

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Take a look please

I have put a new blog on the blogroll, Confessions Of A CF Husband, please take a look and give a thought and a prayer to Nate, Tricia and Gwyneth Rose. Once I started following this blog I was there several times a day wanting to know more and praying and hoping that things are getting better. For some reason, the link to this blog stopped working. It is however working now. Please take a look and pray for this family.


What a pair! For those new friends just arrived on my blog, these two are Rufus and Millie. They are Cavalier King Charles Spaniels, Rufus is nearly 4 and Millie is almost two. They are best friends, and they are uncle and niece. This picture was taken when Millie was only a few weeks old, and they still snuggle up together to sleep like this. Cute huh?

Monday, January 14, 2008


Today was going to be a busy day, well thats how we planned it at the start. We were going to finish unpacking the car of bookshelves and books and various other things. I never realised just how many books we have, maybe I should start a library.
Anyway the hubster was in and out of the front door unloading things when he slipped on the three stone steps outside the front door. He banged his hip quite badly and to save himself he flung his arm out only to impale his hand on the railings at the side of the house.
Fortunately it didn't go all the way through, but caused enough damge to be spouting blood. He never even realised that he had done it, he was too busy cursing and rubbing his hip, it was only when I told him he was bleeding all over the stair carpet that he noticed it.

So we ran onto the Dr's surgery at the end of the road and the nurse sorted it out for him, he is sporting a very impressive bandage! Then to add insult to injury he realised that he was not up to date with his tetanus jabs so he got a shot of that too. He is going to be very sore in the morning.

So thats our day so far. Still no ceiling taken down, not much done at all today. But we are thankful that he didn't break anything, and he is being a very brave little soldier...

The pic today is another heart! I do love making these things, I had this one framed and I know you can't really see it, but the word Love is done in winter white with a gold edge. It does look pretty good.

Hoping for a less eventful day tomorrow.

Hugs Rosie

Sunday, January 13, 2008

Not a heart!

Think this one was a swap for a secret santa. I think I will make another one of these but next time I will add a greeting, make the lace edged panels narrower so that I will have room for it.
Been back to Broom this weekend, my goodness that house get so cold, we put the heating on immediately, but it still hadn't warmed up properly even by the time we left this lunchtime.

Does anyone know how to dry gourds? I was given some a few weeks ago and two of them have gone mouldy. I would really like to keep the rest but I assume they have to be dried, so if anyone knows the best way, please leave me a comment or two. Thanks folks..

Friday, January 11, 2008

Link List

Hi Folks, I have updated my link list and there are some amazing blogs on there. Not all of them are quilling blogs, most are stamping and card making. However, as a quiller, I find these blogs very inspiring. I love looking at the colours and the designs and the sketches which I can case for my quilled work. Take a look I am sure you will be blown over by the work of these ladies.
Oh one other thing, the blog 'Because I said So', is one that you have to read, it is hysterically funny, especially Dawn's favourite posts which are on the side bar.

Have fun...

Thursday, January 10, 2008

Yes its actually another one!

Blue this time, pretty huh? All Done in Bazzill Basics and the crackled paper. Can't see the folded roses on this one very well, but they were done in the Lake City Crafts Jewel tones paper in Sapphire.
Who is tuning in from Biggleswade? Jackie is that you? Who ever it is leave me a comment.
Not much has happened today we took a load of old flooring to the recycling tip. Oh and hubster found a drying cabinet in the cellar, well thats what my mum said it was, must be donkey's years old, the forerunner of a tumble dryer. Looked like an instrument of torture!
Going back to Broom on Saturday to fetch some more stuff, will definitly try to bring more craft stuff, though goodness knows where I am going to put it.
Catch you later....

Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Yep it's another heart....

This one was done for a swap and for my friend Doreen who lives in Calgary, she is an amazing quiller! I am going to help her make her own blog and then you can see for yourselves. I'll let you know when it is all done.
Dan seemed to enjoy himself at Meadowhead School yesterday, he met up with some old friends that he used to know in primary school before we moved away to Bedfordshire.
I had to go up to the school yesterday and when I saw if in the atrium he was surrounded by young ladies. He told me afterwards that it is his hair that attracts them! Daniel has quite long curly hair and his elder brother told him that he would be a 'Babe Magnet' Thankfully they seem to be an annoyance to him at the moment, which at 13 is just how I want it to be.
Finally I have some sort of desk to work on, and have been arranging things all morning, evntually I might even have a space to actually make something.
Hugs Rosie

Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Happy New Year

Bit late to wish all of you Happy New Year, but I wish it anyway.

We are still in the wierd situation of being here in Sheffield and being there in Broom, back and forth like a dog at a fair!

Today though, Dan started school. It's a bit different here, and he has to get up much earlier than he did before, especially as school starts the day at 8.30 and they finish at 2.50. They only get 30 mins for lunch instead of the relaxed hour he had at Stratton, in fact, this job is more like work than faffing about at school.
Everything is pretty quick lessons are 40 minutes in length and they have 5 mins to get from one classroom to another.
Dan was meeting one of his old friends at the bus stop this morning and being a mom I walked down with him, and took the dogs. I told him I had to take the dogs for a walk anyway and that he could walk in front of me if he wanted. LOL Didn't want his mates to see him walking with his mom now did he?

The picture today, is another old one, I have not got all my stuff here at the moment and not much room to make things until John brings my desk today. Then of course I have to find somewhere to put it all. I do have a craft room sorted out, once we have finished up in the attic, then Dan can move into the bedroom we are using at the moment and I can use his room as a craft room. It's nice and light in there and warm, so I won't be freezing like I am in Broom.
Sorry the pic is a bit on the light side, it is all layered paper, mainly using Bazzil Basics and there is a gorgeous crackled scrapbook paper in there, but I have no idea who's it is. The heart on the front has spirelli on the front which you can barely see and then quilled leaves and folded roses on the top of it. It also has Swarovski crystals on it somewhere as well.
Well I can hear my mum tottering about upstairs, so will go and start her breakfast. Catch you later...
Hugs, Rosie