Thursday, January 17, 2008

Word of the Year

I love this colour combination, I have loved it for years, and now during the past couple of years it has become very popular.
Not much to tell you today, hubster's hand is still bandaged, it's still raining and will most likely be raining again tomorrow and for the rest of the week... Oh joy.

This week has been a complete washout in more ways than one, I feel like we are just wasting time and we have to be out of the house at the end of January.

Have you heard or read about Word of the year, a word that you chose, that means something for you, something like Triumph - meaning that you can triumph over certain things during the year, or Create - an excellent word for all us artistic types.
I think my word is going to be Renaissance - meaning rebirth. So many things have happened to me over the past year, horrible things, some of them brought about by my own ingratitiude and taking things and people for granted.

So I am re-birthing myself having my own renaissance. I will put positive words and ideas on my board like; Gratitude, Joy, Creative and Abundance. For the moment I will just write these words in my diary, and then when I get all my stuff here I will make a very nice board with them all on.

Hugs Rosie

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Rita Weiss said...

Hi Rosie :) what a fantastic card that is!! and I love your word. great choice.