Thursday, January 24, 2008


That it's been a few days without a post on here. We have been busy arranging some of our furniture that John brought back from Broom on Tuesday. These were mainly book cases and a million books. How come that all these books fitted on these shelves in the Broom house, and now they don't seem to fit at all...? I still have boxes of books and can't seem to find a place to put them.

The other thing that has kept me away is that my mum is not feeling very well. For an 89 yr old she is pretty fit, she works on the theory that she is too busy to be ill. She walks everywhere. Fortunately the nearest shops are just about 200 yds away and the supermarket is about 1/2 a mile, its up a steep hill and now that we are here, we take her in the car, but normally she walks, pulling her shopping trolley behind her.
This week however she has been suffering with varicose exema, heat makes her legs itch and she has problems sleeping when this happens as she can't stand the bedclothes on her legs. However, today she had a real nasty backache and went to bed at 8pm she thinks it is her kidneys, and if she still has it tomorrow, then I will call the Dr and ask her to come and see her.

Craft wise I have been, wandering through my yarn stash, I want to crochet but can't find anything that takes my fancy in the stash and I can't afford to go and buy some more. I also started a quilled figure, or at least I started the box it will stand on.

Good news! I have at last found the cable for my camera, so now I can at least download pictures. Will do that tomorrow - promise!

Hugs Rosie

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Paula Bauer - GemStateMom said...

So sorry to hear about your mum, hope the kidney issue is easily resolved. Intense itching can be a symptom of kidney issues, so sounds like you are on track.

You just found your camera cable, and my brand new camera just died...the zoom lens is stuck and the camera won't work. [sob] Camera-less again!