Thursday, January 10, 2008

Yes its actually another one!

Blue this time, pretty huh? All Done in Bazzill Basics and the crackled paper. Can't see the folded roses on this one very well, but they were done in the Lake City Crafts Jewel tones paper in Sapphire.
Who is tuning in from Biggleswade? Jackie is that you? Who ever it is leave me a comment.
Not much has happened today we took a load of old flooring to the recycling tip. Oh and hubster found a drying cabinet in the cellar, well thats what my mum said it was, must be donkey's years old, the forerunner of a tumble dryer. Looked like an instrument of torture!
Going back to Broom on Saturday to fetch some more stuff, will definitly try to bring more craft stuff, though goodness knows where I am going to put it.
Catch you later....

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Anonymous said...

very pretty, duck! somber, but gorgeous. Love the term hubster. :-D