Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Happy New Year

Bit late to wish all of you Happy New Year, but I wish it anyway.

We are still in the wierd situation of being here in Sheffield and being there in Broom, back and forth like a dog at a fair!

Today though, Dan started school. It's a bit different here, and he has to get up much earlier than he did before, especially as school starts the day at 8.30 and they finish at 2.50. They only get 30 mins for lunch instead of the relaxed hour he had at Stratton, in fact, this job is more like work than faffing about at school.
Everything is pretty quick lessons are 40 minutes in length and they have 5 mins to get from one classroom to another.
Dan was meeting one of his old friends at the bus stop this morning and being a mom I walked down with him, and took the dogs. I told him I had to take the dogs for a walk anyway and that he could walk in front of me if he wanted. LOL Didn't want his mates to see him walking with his mom now did he?

The picture today, is another old one, I have not got all my stuff here at the moment and not much room to make things until John brings my desk today. Then of course I have to find somewhere to put it all. I do have a craft room sorted out, once we have finished up in the attic, then Dan can move into the bedroom we are using at the moment and I can use his room as a craft room. It's nice and light in there and warm, so I won't be freezing like I am in Broom.
Sorry the pic is a bit on the light side, it is all layered paper, mainly using Bazzil Basics and there is a gorgeous crackled scrapbook paper in there, but I have no idea who's it is. The heart on the front has spirelli on the front which you can barely see and then quilled leaves and folded roses on the top of it. It also has Swarovski crystals on it somewhere as well.
Well I can hear my mum tottering about upstairs, so will go and start her breakfast. Catch you later...
Hugs, Rosie


Louly said...

Happy New year Rosie. what a beautiful creation, well worth the hours it must have taken. I know what you mean about walking behind your son so you don't embarrass him, I have exactly the same situation - except I don't have the dogs to walk, lol.

Stefani said...

Just beautiful!!