Monday, December 31, 2007

So frustrating...

We are back home now in Broom, gotta tidy and clean and make everything look fantastic.. we have a guy coming round on Wednesday to see the property, and we are hoping he will take our tenancy over. It's also freezing in here STILL, the engineer can't come until Wednesday either.

What I really really want to do is go to my craft room and play. I have been looking at loads of blogs and got some fabulous ideas that I can use with quilling and stuff. But at the moment I am trying very hard to keep away from the craft room, otherwise I will just end up in there freezing to death, making myself miserable wanting to do things and knowing that time is running out and I should be wielding the vacuum cleaner and dusting.

So once the coffee has been drunk I will brave the icyness of the bathroom to shower - at least that will be warm - and then the vacuum will become my new best friend. Hopefully working in the house will make me warm, we are about to enter a bitterly cold patch according to the weather forecasters snow and allsorts!

Will post some more later, with blog addresses and other stuff.

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