Sunday, December 16, 2007

Re-done the Snowflake card

There that looks better doesn't it? Well I think so, please let me know what you think.
Yesterday we travelled up to Sheffield to see my mum and to take some more of our furniture up there for when we move in. Not been there too long when my friend Lizzi's daughter called me - she lives across the road from my mum - to ask if I would go and sit with her for a while. Poor Samantha had received some awful news that morning, her fiance had been to see her and told her that it was over between them. The poor girl was distraught and needed someone to give her a hug and listen to her cries of anguish.
I personally could kill the nasty piece of work, he chose the day very well, knowing that her mum and dad would not be there as they were taking grandpa to see the Tutankamun exhibition in London, so he wouldn't have to face their wrath.
So Sam and I sat and watched the X Factor and laughed at some of the complete numptys who think they really can sing we coped when the tears began to fall again when she saw an ad on the tv that reminded her of Rob. It was just a very traumatic afternoon.

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