Thursday, December 27, 2007

Just a little something...

Hi fellow quillers and crafters, I hope you all had a very merry and happy Christmas. We spent the holiday at my mum's house in Sheffield. My 3 older sons all appeared Edward came on Christmas morning and stayed for a couple of hours before he went to his friends house where he was helping to cook dinner for bunch of em. Nick was here anyway as this is where he lives and Alex arrived mid morning.
It was wonderful to see them all. I do hope that when we move in here properly that we will see more of them. I do miss them.
Daniel is spending this holiday with his dad and step mum. Last night we got a text message complaining that he had been sent to bed at some ridiculous - his word - time. Poor lad, he has been having a hard time of it when he has been to see his dad. Helen has very different ideas from the rest of us and Daniel suffers because of that.
The picture today is a heart I made a couple of years ago, I did go through a time when I made lots of hearts, but this one is my favourite.
I did bring all my quilling papers to my mum's, but now that I have been on various blogs, I keep thinking that I wish I had brought that paper and why didn't I bring that tool, and oh I do wish I had brought my cuttlebug.
Well never mind, maybe just having my quilling papers to work with will make me do things I might not have done normally.
Ok, coffee has gone, time to work....


GemStateMom said...

Rosie, I have always loved these beautiful hearts since you first started making them. They have such a victorian flavor and are the perfect thing for a special Valentine!

Louly said...

OMG!!!!That is totally stunning, it must have taken ages! Really beautiful.