Monday, November 20, 2006

The Biggleswade Farmers Market

Hey at last I have actually done the Farmer's market! Thats me grinning madly behind the counter. It was a cold day but I was warm enough, I put my Uggs on, and they were the only bit of me that was cold. Was told to take a piece of carpet or a small rug next time to stand on and I will be warmer. I took just over £50, it's not much, but it's a start.

Next month the market is on the 20th of December so I need to make stocking fillers and last minute presents. The tree decorations went well I sold lots of those so will need to do some more.

Had to keep my temper a couple of times, when silly people kept saying "Ohhh aren't they lovely, oohhh aren't you clever" and then they walked away... If they are that lovely and I am that clever why are you not buying them? Didn't say that of course, but just smiled sweetly...

The guy on the next stall was selling wild boar sausages, turkeys, and various holiday food stuffs. So next time I shall have him on one side and the cheese stall on the other. Wonder if they give samples....

Well back to the quilling got targets to keep you know.... Posted by Picasa

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