Saturday, November 25, 2006

Choir boys

When I was at the Farmer's market the other week, a customer said she would like some more tree decorations. So, I made these choir boys and the tree is out of Alli Bartkowski's book Paper Quilling for the first time. I got the idea for the choir boys from the UK quilling guild's magazine. Jean Barnwell sent instructions for Christmas Carollers and I altered the design for the choir boys giving them a white under skirt and quilled hair.
I love the tree, its so quick. Only had that horrible bright green for the trunk, will have to remedy that on the next one I make, and also added an extra branch at the top. Posted by Picasa


Cathy P. - RetiredAZ06 said...

These are so very adorable; you are one very talented lady.

Anonymous said...

I´ve no words to describe how much I loved your work. Thanks a lot for showing and share all your talent with us.


Anonymous said...

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