Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Lavender and Daisies.

Greetings People,

Got two fabulous quilling books the other day, one by Jane Jenkins and one by Diane Boden Crane. Both have much to offer any quiller. How Diane thinks up all these things like the chocolates - which are amazing - is beyond me. Jane's book is slightly more arty and has wonderful fairies and angels in there. They have already got my imagination going and am thinking up Christmas decs as I write.

We finished our NLP course and am now a qualified NLP Practitioner... anyone need a phobia sorting?

Expecting my mum to stay on friday, she will be here for about a week. It will give her a rest from ironing Nick's shirts and cooking his tea. Though to be honest I think doing these things keeps her going, shes not doing too bad for 89.

Dreading tomorrow, I am going to the hospital to see a guy about my shoulders. I am so fed up with not being able to move them properly, can't put them behind my back which makes dressing /undressing difficult. Am so sick of moving like a 90 year old instead of a 48 yr old.

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