Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Rabbits and stuff

I really enjoyed making my Easter table. The actual table is an Art Deco glass trolley bought by my grandmother, we have two of them a circular one and the rectangle one in the picture. They have both been in this house since they were originally bought.

My mum was telling me about the two Sylvac rabbits on the tray, she remembered going to buy them in 1936 from Cole Brothers - which is now John Lewis, but will always be called Cole Brothers by most Sheffield people. She bought three rabbits, one of which broke a long time ago. Though when I was a little girl, I do remember there being 3 of them, sitting on the shelf above the stairs.

We had a lovely Easter, just the three of us - mum, my hubby John and myself - lots of nice food, saturday night dinner with friends, and guess what... NO CHOCOLATE! I actually didn't really miss it, since being diagnosed with type 2 diabetes I have weaned myself off the stuff, though now and again I do treat myself with a couple of chocolate digestives.

Over the weekend I have been crocheting, trying to work out some patterns of my own, not actually done any of my own before, and have found it quite satisfying. Anyway I seem to have come up with a rabbit, well more or less, just faffing about with his body and will let you see him/her as soon as its finished.

Hopefully if the weather is nice next weekend, we will go adventuring into Derbyshire to take some pics. I really need to get to grips with my Nikon D40.

Sorry no photos today, but who knows, maybe later...


noble pig said...

Sounds like you had a wonderful day. And chocolate can be over-rated some time!

Curlew Country said...

Hi Rosie, I love those rabbits. My grandma had a pair of Westie dogs in the same style. Not quite as cute, green dogs look a bit wierd!
Glad you had a nice weekend - I've only eaten one egg so far, quite a triumph for me!
Love Stephx

Auntie Joy said...

Good luck with your diet, it is hard at times, but certainly worth the effort. Your projects are all so inspiring, I love to crochet, but seems like I have a million other things I need to do first.. As far as quilting, WOW ! I can't imagine the patience to hand piece, what an art!

cd&m said...

The Sylvac rabbits are adorable and how lovely that you know their history.

Katherines Dream said...

Hi Rosie, those Rabbits are so cute.
John Lewis is one of my favorite stores...how interesting that is was Cole Bros!
Carol x

Erica-Jane said...

I love the rabbits, especially as your mum remembers buying them in 1936! Wow!
Those photographs of the Maldives are stunning, too. I'd love to go somewhere like that, but my fear of flying and a rather empty bank balance mean that aint gonna happen! hee hee!

Well done on the chocolate. It's not that great anyway...I don't like it personally, only when pregnant ;0)


GemStateMom said...

Rosie, thanks so much for the encouragement today. Hope you meet with fabulous success on your crochet designs. Looking forward to seeing the finished bunny.