Monday, April 21, 2008

Presents from afar...

Greetings Bloggers, I have been the worst blogger in the world just lately and was feeling dreadfully guilty that I had not written anything since Easter. That really is shameful!
Anyway, it was my birthday on Saturday and I received two parcels that were a complete surprise to me. The first one was from my very good friend Kathy, she lives in Canada in Manitoba. Kath is very crafty in the nicest sense of the word, she paints some lovely things and you can see her work at
What she sent me, was a vanilla scented magnetic bookmark and a fab little badge, which I have worn every day since it arrived. Both are made out of bottle tops!
The other parcel I got was from another friend Shabala, who lives in Dubai. Sorry the photo is bad, but she sent me a pashmina, a gorgeous address book, some 3d crafty bits, and a box of stuffed dates. You can see by the pic that the dates didn't last very long as the box is empty. I LOVE stuffed dates! So thank you very much Shabala and Kathy.
Well since I have been out of action in the blogging world, I have not been sitting here doing nothing. I have been designing a crocheted rabbit. This is all part of my rebirth and renaissance.
I have always loved paper, messing about with it, the smell of it, the feel of it and the million of things you can do with it. However, wool, and thread also have a huge hold on me. My mum taught me to knit when I was about 6, and my nan taught me to crochet at about the same time. There is just something magical about waving a crochet hook about and almost making lace in the air.
My nan also had one of those wicked looking Singer sewing machines the black one with tons of gold flowers and patterns on it, a proper treadle machine. I remember the very satisfying noise it used to make as she made clothes on it for my Tressy doll - her hair grows!
The sewing machine was in a little sewing room upstairs at the front of the house, it was so quiet and peaceful in there, and I think that is what I love, that incredible feeling of peace and using your own talents to create something useful and beautiful.
Before I got really involved with paper I used to make mohair teddys and dolls houses, then things changed and I remarried and stopped doing them. I also did my C&G Embroidery course and have hardly picked a needle up since! But it occured to me that I have everything I need to start a new artistic venture without using paper. So look out for the Garden Party Bunnies coming soon.

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