Sunday, July 29, 2007

Interesting wedding...

As it is the wedding season, I thought this would be a nice card to show you. These are Bodylicious cards, which come with a template of the bust part of the card, so you can turn them into dresses, bikini's, basques, or whatever you like.
Yesterday turned into a nothing day, we were supposed to do the jungle -garden - but in the end we had lunch at the post office, where talk turned to weddings as well. Across the road from the post office is a small chapel, and I believe a wedding was about to happen there. But wandering around smelling the Evening Primrose plants in the post office garden was a rather impressively dressed priest, who wore a long black robe with a scarlet skull cap and an orange scarf. And then into the shop came another churchman, dressed in long black suit with a huge orange flower in his lapel spiky hair and wearing huge rockstar sunglasses. He bought a pack of cigars.... Interesting.. we don't often get such 'colourful' figures in the village.
After we left the PO, we wandered to Hitchin, a small market town to do the weekend shopping and then to Milton Keynes to Borders for a cup of coffee and to look at the American magazines
After dinner of blackened salmon with refried beans and rice, I spent the evening trying to get my computer to play my EFT dvd's. Seems like Simon of Haynes - the computer guy - had lost my dvd player, when he was sorting it all out. So in the end we had to buy a download so that I could play them. Spent ages doing that and by the time I had got my dvd in the player, it was getting to 11pm, an hour watching, and then falling into bed.

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