Sunday, July 22, 2007

Long time no see!

Well hello there!

Lots of things have happened to me in since the last time I wrote. A week after I did the farmers market last November, John had a mad midlife crisis, and ran away for couple of weeks, leaving me in a state of complete shock. However, we got over that, then I had a strange type of heart attack in which my artery spasmed, which put me in hospital for a week. Then we moved house!
I'm a strong woman, I'm still here!

Quilling took a rather large back seat while this was going on, the last thing I quilled was the Snowman card. To be honest I really didn't want to quill at all, just thinking about it put me straight back to the night John left. It was all a bit traumatic to say the least.

Now though, we have moved to a lovely village and are renting a 200 year old farmhouse, and I feel like quilling again. So things have definitly moved on for me.

The village we live in is called Broom, two pubs and a few houses, but just up the road is another village called Southill, and there is a fabulous post office and tea room run by some lovely people called Paul and Liz. They come from near where I live up in Sheffield, so its nice to hear a familiar accent. They have a tea room there and Liz makes the most fabulous sandwiches and John and I can very often be found here having lunch.
I have joined a network group which meets at the post office once a month and a fair was planned earlier on in the year which we did last Saturday. It was a roaring success for all concerned and I took all the stuff left over from the farmers market and sold about £50/$100 worth. I was very pleased considerng that I hadn't made anything new for it.

So now my enthusiasm has been fired up and I am now planning things to make for the next one which will be late October/ early November.

Also I have joined the Scissor club, a group of ladies meet once a fortnight in the village hall, we have various speakers, usually to do with crafts. Last time it was sugar roses, very interesting and beautifully made.
This is a card I made this week, I fancied doing a bit of pin pricking, and faffed about with a basket of strawberries to fill the space up.
It's nice to be back, and I hope to have lots to tell you from now on.

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