Monday, July 30, 2007

What a day!

Sorry no pictures today. This morning we spent in the garden clearing branches up and mulching them. We have an acre of garden and it has been left to grow weeds since the last people left in September. Apparently the lady who lived here before us, grew lots of things, asparagus, fennel, elderberries, blackberries, to name just a few, there are 4 apple trees, 2 pear trees, a pond we didn't know we had, paths that are all over grown. It's a real mess. I have a lovely lady who comes to help, she's a proper gardener who knows what the plants actually are... which is more than I do!

Anyway this morning we were being busy and my arteries started playing up, not as bad as before, but enough to want to go to the hospital. It took ages in the emergency room, how come they are so busy on a monday.. do all these people wait so they can have a day off work? Anyway they did an ECG on me which was fine. And then I had to wait to see the Dr. 2 and half hours later... I saw a fab guy, stick a baseball on his head and he could have been the latest rap singer! He answered all my questions, in a language that I could understand - no Dr speak here - told me things that I didn't know, that I should have been told last time this happened, and really set my mind at rest. The best thing was the fact that he had sat in the same chair I was in, he too had a heart condition and knew all the stupid things that we think and let our mind prey on. It's so nice to know I am not going doo lally and that I am not alone in this! Apparently 4 in 100,000 get this so its not that common and if you are going to have a heart condition this is the best one to have as it's reversible and there is no problem with my heart its just the silly arteries.

So thats my day...hope yours was better.

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